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Léa Morales-Chanard

Your language ally to feeling at home in France.

English to French translation, and vice-versa! I offer written translation as well as live translation for appointments, phone calls and interviews! My goal is to make you feel heard, understood and fully at home here in France.

My language solutions



I can accompany you to appointments and help you converse, translating back and forth, so you know you're heard and understood, as well as fully understanding the other party!


Any documents that need to be clear and precise? I can translate technical documents (admin, notarial, bills and more) so you're sure to be on point with your ongoing procedures.


Are you not sure you can put your point across over the phone, do you need something scheduled? We can discuss it and I will be here to assist with your plans!

My experience

Chambres du Pont de La Légende

I worked with the owner, Paul (Australian) through a whole week of live courses in French for him to get his Bar and Liquor Licence for his business. In the course of 4 days, I was live-translating the course from French to English, and from English to French for the teachers. Together with Paul, we managed to get his Liquor licence through the final test and open his bar! The translating was very technical and admin-focused, including laws and requisites for bar licence approval and live questions all the way through to the final exam.

Bellevue Management

I'm on call with the property management company Bellevue, handling french-speaking phone calls and translations, memos translation and document translation. The small business handles property management as well as house work and liaising with local tradesmen over the phone, through documents or in person.

E-commerce copywriting

I've worked with agencie specialised in e-commerce translating product descriptions and technical wording for localisation (selling on different markets through Europe and the US).


I've worked with individuals in France, expats from the UK, helping them navigate administrative processes, health appointments, and notarial documents to care for their relocation and make them feel at home despite the language barrier!

Hello there!

My name is Léa, nice to meet you!

I'm a french native, half-french, half-british. I grew up in the south-west of France but always had an passion for british culture: I grew up watching english-speaking films, listening to British music and enjoying overseas culture. At 18 I attended the University in Bordeaux and specialised in Foreign Languages where I learnt Japanese and English translation. I later on moved to the UK and moved back to my home town in France in 2020.

I'm a bilingual creative problem-solver with a passion for languages and I love helping people achieve their goals!

Get in Touch

Got a need for Franco-English ally to navigate your plans in France? Don't hesitate to drop me an email and I'll get back to you in no time!

+33 6 24 67 25 79

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